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St. Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library

Welcome to the St. Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library. This website contains the digitised collection of medieval manuscripts at Lund University Library. It consists of 70 volumes of which the nucleus comes from the library of the 11th century cathedral in Lund dedicated to St. Laurentius.

You can browse through the manuscripts, sorting them by author, title, call number, nick name, language, place or date of origin.
It is also possible to search by e.g. author, title, incipit or language.

Detailed descriptions of the manuscripts are given concerning contents, physical appearance, decoration, binding, history and provenance.

Comments on the quality of the images, the presentation or other aspects are welcome and can be mailed either to or to:

Lund University Library
Manuscript Section
Box 3
221 00 LUND


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