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Medeltidshandskrift 59

Lund University Library

Olim: E recentioribus bibliothecis n:o 15; Bibl. Ms. B. Min.; Naturvet.

Miscellany: Theoligical, Medical and Geological texts.. 15th century, late or early 16th century, Latin (German and Swedish)


1 (f. 1r) Formula (magic?) Begins defectively: “res profer(a)s et res referas et res reperies/et pone sub capite mulieris/ut soltar ... scribe in carta virginea.” Ends defectively: “et pone sub limite hostii citra/bactarum topparum missera ass/ massarum.” There is a note in the inner margin: Argilla ut dicit commentator est frigida and one in Swedish in another hand in the lower margin: hielp gus nade ridder sancte (?) Orian.
2 (f. 1v) Two nuptial prayers
2.1 (f. 1v) Incipit: “Bene dic Domine thalamum istum et omnes habitantes.”
2.2 (f. 1v) Incipit: “Benedicat Deus corpora vestra et animas vestras.”
3 (ff. 2r-14r) Bartholomaeus Anglicus De proprietatibus rerum, excerpts. Incipit: “Argilla (est) frigiditate sua sanguinis restrictiva.” Explicit: “Item decoctum anetum cum oleo rigorem nervorum laxat. Multis etiam aliis subvenit passionibus..” The text is a copy of parts of book 16, De lapidibus preciosis, and book 17, De arboribus et herbis et eorum proprietatibus. [cf.: De lapidibus et gemmis (Medeltidshandskrift 59, Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds Universitet) Svensson, Johanna. Unpublished seminar paper (D-uppsats) Lund, 2006. ]
4 (f. 14v) Two medical prescriptions (scurvy and old wounds).
4.1 (f. 14v) Scherbuck. Incipit: “Nim tzegen melck. mack se warm, vnd hale gose dreck van einer wiske.” Explicit: “Remedium perfectum et probatum..”
4.2 (f. 14v) Olde apene schaden. Incipit: “Nim einen stop prussing vnd pick so grott ein gosei Ladt seden so lange itt dicke wart.” Explicit: “steick dar ein vp den schaden * mack loge van winrancken vnd waske den schaden *in setten is beter.”
5 (ff. 18r-33r) Medical handbook, excerpts. Incipit: “Collirium magistri (?) alberti (?) ad dolores oculorum.” Ends defectively: “Si urina fuerit multa et colorata, commocionem tocius corporis habet. Si in urina ap-.” Under rubricated headings, like venter, caput, aures, raucitatem, venenum, lapidem different diseases are treated and cures are recommended. Some Latin words, considered difficult, are given in Swedish translation, cfr. e.g. at f. 18r "radix scafani bolmeroth" or at f. 22v , "Antraces liktorn".
6 (f. 34r-v) Lists of sins, the five senses and the seven sacraments. In the margin the sins are marked either as casus papales or as casus episcopales .The list is in Latin hexameter, the interlinear explanations below are in Swedish.

Physical description

Support: Paper.

Watermarks, a hand, visible on ff. 15 and 16, close to Briquet 11402 (dated to 1493).

Extent: ff. 34 150 x 105 mm.

Collation: Five quires: I: 8 (ff. 1-8); II: 9 (ff. 9-17, originally a quire of 14 leaves where 5 leaves have been cut out); III: 8 (ff. 18-25); IV: 8 (ff. 26-33); V: 1 (f. 34, originally a bifolium).

Layout: The ms. is ruled in ink, page layout varies.

Script: Four hands: hand 1: cursiva currens, late 15th century, ff. 1r-14r and ff. 18r-31r; hand 2: cursiva currens, 16th century, f. 14v; hand 3: cursiva currens, late 15th century, ff. 31r-33r; hand 4: 16th century (?), Latin quotation in cursiva libraria, Swedish explanation in cursiva currens, f. 34r-34v.


Limp wrapped parchment binding, contemporary with the manuscript. (cfr. Szirmai 1999 p. 285-317, Scholla 2002). Size: 156 x 118 x 10 mm.

Limp binding of single parchment wrapping. Head and tail turn-ins tacked with parchment tapes, the tape is missing at the tail turn-in of the upper cover. Wrapping later cut at fore-edge of both covers, but small horizontal cuttings indicate former tacking at fore-edge.

Manuscript title in ink in a later hand at the back. Long-stitch sewing on six sewing stations with two pairs of interwoven backstitches. First leaves of the bookblock restored.


The ms. is foliated in upper right corner of page by modern cataloguer.



Written in Sweden, in the late 15th or early 16th century.


The manuscript was owned by the orientalist Gustaf Peringer Lilieblad (1651-1710) whose name appears on f. 1r .


In 1703 the library bought a collection of manuscripts from Peringer Lilieblad among which was also this book.


  • Svensson, Johanna: De lapidibus et gemmis (Medeltidshandskrift 59, Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitet) Lund, 2006 (unpublished seminar paper, D-uppsats), Lund university. .

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